Open Again

13th November 2020

Following a short break in October, North Plymouth Foodbank is now fully open subject to Covid-Safe Procedures.

Tuesdays 10am – 12noon and Fridays 1.30pm – 4pm

Some of our current Covid-Safe procredures are detailed below, but please follow any instructions given by our volunteers.

  • If you are showing any symptoms of Covid19, or if you have had close contact with anyone who has, please do not to visit us.  If you require a parcel and have a voucher, please pass it to a friend or family member who can then collect on your behalf.  We are unable to offer a delivery service.
  • On arrival, please park your car (following the one-way system around the site).
  • We are unable to invite anyone into the cabin, nor can we offer any additional hospitality.  Instead we ask only the person named on the voucher, or their representative, to come to the covered porchway where a member of our volunteer team will direct you.  PLEASE WEAR A FACE COVERING.
  • Please follow any instructions or guidance given by our volunteers whilst here at our Foodbank



Although we have been closed for the past few weeks, we haven’t stopped supporting families in need.

A huge thankyou to all of our supporters, partners and volunteers who have continued to help us help others through these difficult times.  Your generosity has meant that we have fed 93 Adults and 88 Children during our break, as well as supporting the Transforming Plymouth Together initiaitive with over 200Kg of food to help feed children throughout the Half Term School Holiday.

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